Source: 3 ways the University of Hull enhanced campus life with IP access control | Genetec

While security might not be top-of-mind for students on a daily basis, universities are faced with the daunting task of ensuring that their campuses are safe at all times. On the other hand, universities want students, staff, and visitors to feel welcome and free to move from the classroom and the library to the sports complex and the dorms.

This raises an important question: “How do universities create that just-right balance between accessibility and security on campus?” Many ways; but for the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, an upgrade to IP access control made all the difference. Here are 3 ways that access control has improved campus life at the University of Hull;

1. User-friendly technology for students

Since upgrading to Security Center Synergis™, an open IP access control solution, the University of Hull can tap into new technologies. For example, HID Mobile access credentials allows students to get into their dorms without fussing with cards. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the secure application lets student unlock a door with a simple swipe on their phone or by tapping their phone to a reader. “Students have their phone glued to hands. So why not give them convenient access to their dorms by using their phones?”, said Gary Moore, Platform Services, ICT Department at the University of Hull.

2. Easy access for visitors

With the built-in visitor management feature in the unified interface, staff can issue temporary cards to conference attendees, independent researchers or contractors. “It’s been very easy-to-use, and gives our visitors the freedom to roam without putting our assets or people at risk,” said Moore.

3. Enhanced collaboration across departments

The campus security team monitors a total of 317 doors and 225 cameras from a central control room. Facilities, human resources, and student administration departments handle most access control tasks, including requests from over 50,000 cardholders. “Having Genetec Security Center at our university has improved the collaboration across all of our departments, helping to collectively better secure our campus,” said Moore.

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