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 Security cameras with AI Analytics that make your facility and Public Spaces Safer more reliably and with less human interaction.

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Security Camera Analytics

Our cutting-edge security camera analytics offer advanced capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of your surveillance system. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, our analytics solutions enable intelligent and proactive monitoring, transforming your security infrastructure into a robust and proactive defense system.

Our analytics solutions also provide valuable insights and actionable data. Whether you need to secure public spaces, monitor retail environments, protect critical infrastructure, or ensure the safety of educational institutions, our security camera analytics offer a comprehensive and intelligent solution. With customizable features, compatibility with various camera systems, and reliable performance, our analytics empower you to stay one step ahead of potential risks and maintain a secure environment.

Advanced AI Analytic Capabilities

Advanced AI

License Plate Detection and Recognition (LPR/ANPR) – With our LPR solutions you can identify and record license plates and vehicles, check tags against blacklists (Private & NCIC CJIS), as well as whitelists. Out LPR’s notify of “Hits” for wanted or unwanted vehicles as well as conduct vehicle-centric searches for color, body, make, plate number, and many more characteristics. Available in fixed solar, hardwired, and mobile applications.


Outdoor Gunshot Explosion Detection – Our AI gunshot and explosion analytic algorithms that run on the camera, on a CPU/GPU, or in the cloud can suggest the location of the gunshot’s origination within 150’/45m. Our systems notify and alert via your VMS applications email or SMS for your organization to conduct quick and efficient gunshot verification.


Object Detection and Tracking – Our Object Analytics detect, classify, and count moving pedestrians or vehicles which we can classify by type (truck, car, bicycle). You can choose various conditions for detection, such as objects that move or stay longer than a set time within a predefined area or that cross a defined line.  These indicators allow us to take action on these detections to alert, trigger devices such as audio deterrents, warning lights, or gates as well as to notify personnel.  The action rules are customizable to the customer’s use case and incorporates machine and deep learning with compatible cameras.

     Examples – Loitering, Line Crossing, Virtual Fence, Wrong-way Detection, Object Removal, Object Left & Vehicle or People Tracking.


Vehicle Speed Radar Cameras – This application gathers radar data and visualizes measured vehicle speeds up to 65MPH (105 km/h). With this data, we can trigger messages, traffic lights, alarms, and initiate vehicle recording. This analytic, combined with LPR, serves as a great solution for traffic speed control.


Intrusion/Perimeter Watch & Virtual Fence – Our edge-based perimeter camera analytics allow us to alert, trigger audio deterrents, track with PTZ cameras, and notify when a person or vehicle enters the perimeter of the secured area.


Loitering Detection – Loitering Guard tracks moving objects and triggers an event if they have been in an area for too long. The analytics application is ideal for loitering detection in low-traffic, semi-public areas during after-hours at parking lots, schoolyards, and near fences.


Radar Autotracking for PTZ – Radar Autotracking for PTZ is designed to automatically control the direction and zoom level of one or many pan, tilt, zoom cameras for optimized camera views. Provides automated tracking in difficult weather or visibility environments.



Weapons Detection – With our Security Camera AI Analytics, we reliably and rapidly recognize firearms and immediately trigger multi-channel alerts and automated pre-defined safety protocols. The combination of these rich capabilities provides safety teams with the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and management.


People Counting – Our People Counter delivers actionable insights for evaluating site performance, enhancing visitor experience, or reducing costs. It accurately counts people in both directions simultaneously and tracks entry and exit times. This enables analysis of visitor trends, peak visitor times, and facilitates staffing and operational efficiency adjustments.


Indoor Gunshot Detection – Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared gunfire flash detection. This fully automatic system is certified by US and UK Government authorities and trusted by customers in corporate, school, government, and other private and public venues worldwide. Available in wireless and PoE sensor solutions.


Audio/Sound Analytics – Our sound classification solutions make security monitoring systems proactive, enabling early detection of potential incidents, including Aggressive Voice, Car Alarm,

Glass Break, and customized solutions. All of these protect privacy.


Queue Monitor – Our Queue Monitor provides real-time data on the approximate number of people queuing and statistics about queue fluctuations throughout the day. This helps improve resource allocation and visitor experience by reducing waiting times and enhancing overall efficiency.


Retail Store Reporter – Featuring a dynamic dashboard, our Store Reporter provides valuable information that helps you gain an understanding of your visitors and their behavior patterns. This user-friendly tool can provide you with statistics such as visitor traffic, queue lengths and occupancy levels over time. This useful insight can help you analyze performance and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation, operating hours and operational efficiency. It can also help support business cases for resource and expenditure budgets. And what’s more, you can access the data from any platform, including desktops, tablets and smartphones using any operating system.

Barcode & QR Reading – Meet the needs of a mobile-first society with our Barcode Reader, an IP-based reader solution that makes fast and reliable QR code access possible with a range of our cameras and intercoms. 

Face Detection with Privacy (Not Facial Identification) – Maintaining Privacy, we alert potential shoplifters that they are being monitored by placing a bounding box on the persons face of public view monitors.  This means no need to purchase expensive analytics or manage watchlists. This solution not only informs passers-by that they are being watched. It also helps create a sense of security for both your customers and employees.

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