Source: Axis Partner Showcase Events Demonstrate Latest Innovations In Network Video And Audio Technology

Axis Communications, a provider of network video products, recently hosted two Partner Showcase events in the UK and Sweden. More than 35 of Axis’ technology partners attended both events to showcase their technology innovations. The events provided an opportunity for those within the transport industry to learn about the latest trends and understand how network video and audio technology could help them create a safer and smarter environment for Europe’s commuters.

National Railway Statistics

Axis and its partners demonstrated how this could be achieved not only through enhanced security, but also by utilising data to derive business intelligence. Latest statistics suggest there were 392 billion passenger-kilometres traveled on national railway networks within Europe in 2015; there has been a 57% increase in rail journeys since 2005 in the UK; as well as 257 million journeys on light rail and tram systems in 2016, the highest figure since records began. As more of us use such means of transport, innovative technology will be crucial to ensure our safety.

The Rise Of Machine Learning

One of Axis’ technology partners utilising security data for increased intelligence is iCetana, experts in turning vast surveillance infrastructures into effective dynamic live monitoring systems. Rob Tyrrell, Head of Business Development Europe, at iCetana, said, “One of the problems security teams are facing when working on vast public transport networks is the sheer amount of video data that must be monitored. It is so easy for a potential incident to go unreported.

“That is why we have developed machine learning technology that helps identify what ‘normal’ activity is within a scene. It then automatically creates an alert if ‘abnormal’ activity is recognized. This is sent to security teams’ screens so they can analyze the abnormal incident and act upon the information if necessary.”

“While video of course hasa huge role to play, the benefits of sound add much-needed context to a scenario”

Rob Tyrrell continued, “This means that operators only monitor video footage of interest, helping them to ‘cut through’ the data noise. We’ve seen this create a significant rise in incident reporting by operators, vastly improved utility gain and meaningful action to mitigate risk.”

Recognizing Aggressive Behavior

Audio technology is carving out a new role to make transport networks a safe environment. Axis partner Sound Intelligence, providers of advanced audio analytics, showcased its patented technology based on the workings of the human ear. Its analytical software recognizes different sounds and its origin, including gunshots, explosions, aggression, panic and breaking glass.

Daren Lang, Regional Manager, Business Development Northern Europe at Axis Communications, said, “While video of course has a huge role to play, the benefits of sound add much-needed context to a scenario. Being able to spot aggression or explosions on our busy transport infrastructures means emergency staff can react to a potential incident extremely quickly. Our technology partners, including Sound Intelligence, play a vital role in helping us fulfill audio technology’s potential.”

Atul Rajput, Regional Director, Northern Europe at Axis Communications, said, “Both events were a huge success. Not only did we highlight some of the new technologies available to the transport sector that will help ensure a safe commuting experience, but we also emphasized the benefits of collaboration. Our technology partners are all experts in their fields; bringing them together under one roof shows exactly how we feel technology should be utilized to facilitate a safer, smarter world for all.”