Source: Axis toont Smart City-oplossingen op Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 | Dutch IT-channel

The increasing urbanization creates new security and security challenges and puts the vital infrastructure in many cities under pressure. With its smart city initiative, Axis Communications helps towns to create a safer and more mobile environment. Visitors to the Smart City Expo World Congress from Barcelona to Barcelona will take a look at their possibilities from 14 to 16 November. Axis Communications, together with its partners, presents several new smart city solutions at the event.

Smart cities – or smart cities – use cameras, sensors and other connected technologies to make the city more viable and improve infrastructure management. An important part of the smart city concept is that of a safe city. In doing so, the government aims to reduce the crime rate and give residents a lasting sense of security. The provider of network video solutions Axis cities to make this vision true. Together with partners, it offers smart video solutions that improve traffic flow in the city.

Safety in the smart city

Increasing security is often the most important driving force for starting a smart city initiative. Investing in security using video solutions not only provides useful material in forensic research, it leads to real-time security. Axis cameras provide partner software solutions, for example face detection and dronning detection, the city council can automatically detect and control potential incidents. Lighting and audio signals that can be activated remotely or direct two-way communication enable the board to intervene in case of incidents. In addition, the available information enables a quick response and helps this information with any research.

Several Smart City projects around the world make use of Axis video solutions. One example is Project Green Light, a security initiative in the US city of Detroit. Genetec’s security platform is central and enables effective incident management and effective collaboration.

Keep Smart Cities in motion

Mobility is highly related to safety, and Axis also offers customized services. Together with the products of Citilog, part of Axis, Axis video solutions can quickly identify traffic accidents and violations and provide comprehensive information to improve traffic flow. This leads to a faster response to emergencies and better use of existing infrastructure.

Visitors discover at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 more about Axis technology and the capabilities created by the company with its partners Genetec (Security Platform), Dedrone (Automatic Antidron Security), Herta (High Tech Face Detection) and Sorama (Acoustic) localization and classification of noise sources). More information is here to find.