City of Haverhill deploys Axis network cameras across sites and on an MRAP vehicle to discourage criminal activity.



The City of Haverhill had an outdated camera system made up of products from various manufacturers, none of which were providing the Police Department with usable images or consistent coverage without issue. When an incident occurred in a local park during which video from a short distance away could not show any useful information to investigators, city officials deemed it necessary to procure a new solution.


Staff with the city called on Axis partner SideBand Systems, Inc. to come in and overhaul not only the camera system but also the networks that go with it. SideBand brought a high efficiency wireless network to the city to go with a fiber backbone, and cameras were and continue to be replaced on an ongoing basis with Axis network cameras streamed through Milestone XProtect® video management solution. The City of Haverhill needed a multitude of cameras for varying sites, like roadways, intersections, department facilities, the main police building, and parks among others.


Police in Haverhill continue to be impressed not only with the clarity of the video that they are receiving but also with the consistency and reliability of the network overall. While before officers may have overlooked potential video evidence with fear that it did not exist or would not be clear enough, they now jump first to the video system to seek footage for reports and to solve any issues.