Source: Genetec Exhibits New Public Safety Technology And Solutions At IACP 2017

At the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, Genetec, a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, will showcase new and existing technology solutions, analytics, and initiatives designed to facilitate collaboration between law enforcement agencies, security departments, and the public, facilitating more effective first response and investigations. Genetec welcomes all law enforcement partners and integrators to visit IACP in Philadelphia PA, October 21-24th, Booth # 3101.

Genetec Citigraf Public Safety

Genetec will demonstrate Genetec Citigraf™, its newest public safety decision support system which combines the data and information of disparate sensing systems to generate a clearer, unified image for better situational awareness. With a common operating picture, citywide law enforcement and public safety agencies can shave off critical minutes for response time from detection to on-scene response, helping law enforcement and security organizations benefit from better planning, detection, response and prevention of incidents.

Community Connect For Common Goals

Genetec will also showcase Community Connect™, a new initiative designed to help build ties between a city’s public and private sectors that encourages community-driven solutions to enhance public safety and livability. Built on a foundation of technology that reinforces community policing, Community Connect allows members of a community to participate and work towards common goals such as public safety, economic growth and operational efficiency.

Community Connect allows members of a community to participate and work towards common goals such as public safety, economic growth and operational efficiency

Built on Genetec Stratocast™, a cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) solution, businesses and municipal entities that participate in their city’s Community Connect program will be equipped with HD security cameras and Stratocast video surveillance technology which allows them to view live and recorded security video of their stores from their laptop, tablet or smartphone 24/7.

Community Connect subscribers are directly connected to the local police department, and can selectively share their security video stream when they need to, allowing officers to monitor video feeds during an incident.

Genetec Clearance Ivestigation Management

The increase in the amount of evidence gathered from surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, and civilians can help solve crimes. However, it also presents new challenges for the investigation process. To help solve this problem, Genetec has introduced Genetec Clearance™, a collaborative investigation management system that facilitates evidence management between security departments, outside agencies, and the public.

The software can help speed up investigations by allowing police officers, investigators and security managers to collect, manage, and share evidence from different sources, such as video management systems, body-worn cameras, in-car systems and cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses.

Genetec AutoVu

Visitors to the Genetec booth will also be able to see a demonstration of Genetec AutoVu™, the automatic license plate recognition system from the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center.

AutoVu helps countless law enforcement agencies such as the City of Jackson, Mississippi and Belgium Police, track crime leads and traffic offenders every day. With specialized AutoVu ALPR cameras mounted on law enforcement vehicles, officers are automatically alerted to any hits from chosen regional or national hotlists, including: stolen vehicles or licenseplates, wanted felons, amber alert suspects and scofflaws.

With AutoVu, wildcard hotlists can also be created when only partial plate numbers have been identified in a crime or covert hotlists can be created to preserve discretion in special investigations, only alerting authorized officers to the hit.