Source: Integrated security solutions – The Statesman

We are living in an era of deliberated technological progress, with the anticipated advancement picking up the market at every turn of the road to prosperity. This progress holds greater consequences in our lives, especially for bringing out surveillance technologies that are ahead of their time. This start from improved imaging devices, location-tracking systems, communications eavesdropping systems- certainly, and the future looks bright, when one has to keep security in mind.

Yet, without the contribution of audio and video technologies in optimisation of surveillance, this technologically-charged era would have been hard to materialise into a reality. The age of depending on human supervision via guards to prevent crimes from occurring, are way past their prime.

As the finesse with which modern criminals work increases, a need for sophistication in surveillance is inevitable. In fact, this has led to adding much relief for organisations, with assurance to the fact that their assets are on safe hands.

Aided by video and audio surveillance, it is has become relatively effortless to detect crimes and nab perpetrators, with minimal efforts. Today, robbery and small thieving’s have become a common occurrence, with companies facing great loss, both in monetary and reputational terms. Having multiple cameras for surveillance forms an instrumental aid in preventing such crimes.

Video surveillance can easily provide a curb for crime, as the mere sight of such devices often instil fear and apprehension in the minds of potential criminals.

The newest security cameras come with technology that captures images at a full 360 degrees’ motion, ensuring that every action is caught on tape. Some cameras have auto-correct technology to adjust to any sort of lighting, be it bright or dim. Storage issues are eliminated, as these systems enlist the use of cloud-based storage options.

The possibility of accidentally or purposefully deleting evidence gets decreased, and limitations by space are rendered redundant. Audio surveillance technologies have evolved from often being used as an accompaniment to other surveillance-based technologies to powerhouses providing contextual information and details of conversations. Their rise never stops as they increasingly are being deployed in public areas for monitoring purposes.

Audio surveillance systems that detect gunshots and conversations amongst intruders are of great help to businesses. Being able to detect the intruder in not only visual, but also audio-based tracking can prove to be invaluable aid in even preventing crimes from happening. This is essentially beneficial when you have a business where customers tend to “window shop” after hours.

Cloud-based audio surveillance houses a vast library of prior sound-based inputs, and can help in criminal detection by matching the voice with prior saved input, helping solve robberies as well as murders too.

These two surveillance systems when clubbed together complement each other. Managing your security system can help you from acquiring losses. Your video surveillance can give you great views and video clips of your property but paired up audio surveillance, can really provide a boost to your security system.