Today’s security needs are basically the same needs that we’ve always had.  We need to know when people are in our business areas and we need to know this mostly after hours when no personnel are onsite.


Not many people remember the 6-million-dollar man; a show in the early 70’s about a man rebuilt with mechanical parts, however they do remember the catch phrase “we have the technology” that was in the opening of each show.


Today we do have the technology to assist business owners and home owners with these concerns.  We call this “Motion Detection Notification.”  This allows email notifications or text notifications of a motion event and even images of the motion detected to be sent to you as it happens.  Within seconds of an intruder you receive a notification with an image of the area sent to your phone or inbox.

This is ideal for customers worried about the following:

  • Trespassing
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Car Break Ins
  • Property Protection (home or vacation)
  • Theft on job or construction sites

We have the ability to create your own “profiles” of what areas you want covered within the view of the camera and where you want to be notified of motion activity.  You can even keep the entire view as the covered area and exclude certain areas within that view.  Once a profile is setup, we can create event schedules that will send you the alerts that fit your needs; after hours, weekends only, etc.

With Motion Detection Notification, you can know WHEN activity is happening on your property and be notified not find out LATER you’ve been had.  Give us a call today and let us get you started – ”We have the technology!”