Smart City Networks

Smart City & IoT Internet of Things are the latest buzzwords in the industry. ISO network has been integrating Smart City, Campus Wide, City-Wide and Out of Plant Networks for over a decade.


Smart Cities & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting IoT devices and sensors are critical to the inter-connectivity of the IoT world.  Connecting these devices in the open space where internet connectivity is not commonplace is a challenge for some but not ISO Network.   ISO has been on the leading edge of Smart City Networks connecting over 10,000 sensors through Fiber, Broadband, LTE, 5G and and wireless Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point & Mesh Networks.  Let ISO build your Smart City Network.

Smart Poles for Small Cell & Smart Cities

Our Smart Pole Solutions allow architects and planners to use imagination and creativity in implementing designs that are unique to their overall project vision. We design and manufacture custom solutions that turn concepts into realities, delivering Small Cell and Internet of Things (IoT) SMART Pole designs that are ready for whatever connected technologies the future may hold.

As Smart Cities connect existing and future digital technology to their infrastructure, multi-use attachment requirements will continue to grow.

SMART Pole Potential

• 5G/4G Connectivity
• Small Cell Antennas
• Security Cameras
• Meter Boxes
• Wi-Fi Antennas
• Batteries
• Street Signs
• Banner Arms
• Fixture Arms
• Plant Hangers
• Solar Panels
• Security, Environmental, and Gunshot Detection Sensors

Poles Your City’s Future Can Rely On

SMART TRAC, Hapco’s patent-pending aluminum POLE SYSTEM, offers innovative multi-use poles and accessory mounting options that are the perfect blend of functionality, versatility, strength and aesthetics.

SMART TRAC is the FOUNDATION for tomorrow’s Smart Cities.

Mounting Heights: Up To 50′
Butt Diameters: 4″, 6″, 8″ and 12″
Wall Thickness: .250″ Shaft Material:
Aluminum Alloy 6005A-T5

Design Options:
4″ Straight
6″ Straight
8″ Straight
12″ Straight
8″ Transitioning to 6″
6″ Transitioning to 4″
8″ to 6″ to 4″

Wireless communications including Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and MESH networks are our Specialty.

The buz words and technology have developed along the way and ISO has been on the leading edge of Smart City development with over 5,000 sensors and wireless radios throughout the United States.

There are scores of Smart City Sensors available to drive your information systems and allow for City Management. Here are just a few available from ISO network:

  • Video Cameras
  • Gunshot & Explosion Detection
  • Motion Detection Notification
  • Voice Aggression
  • Wind, Temperature & Weather
  • Seismic & Earthquake Early Detection
  • Smart Parking
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Air Pollution
  • Waste Management
  • Water Level & Flooding
  • Tank Level
  • Radiation
  • Explosive & Hazardous Gasses
  • Livestock Tracking

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