How to get the video from your IP camera to stream directly to platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, DaCast, Ustream or other streaming services.

Source: The Easy Way to Publicly Stream Video From IP Cameras – Secure Insights

Today’s security cameras do far more than just monitor their surroundings for threats. We’re seeing more and more businesses wanting to make their live videos available to the public.  From hotels using their online camera connection to show the beauty of their surroundings to tourists, to public infrastructure companies monitoring the traffic situation at intersections to re-direct motorists who may get stuck in jams, and even wildlife enthusiasts broadcasting images of bird nests, all these people are looking for a simple solution to share their live streams.

In the past, if you wanted to have a live camera on your website, you needed the necessary encoder, a dedicated computer, or your own streaming server, or you needed some cloud streaming service with a player. But since popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook began to support direct video streams, the solution is rather more simple. These platforms allow free broadcasting/streaming regardless of whether your video is watched by one viewer or by 50,000 viewers at the same time. The interface is regularly updated so it is optimised for the widest range of viewers, so there is usually no need to address viewer complaints that they cannot play the video.

But how can you get the video from your camera and onto these platforms without an IT specialist or complicated infrastructure?

Streaming applications directly from the camera

By using the ACAP platform you can choose from a wide range of third-party software applications that enable your camera to perform specific functions – just like the applications in your smartphone. In 2014, we introduced CamStreamer designed by NetRex, Czech Republic (CamStreamer is now an independent company), which has been specifically designed for video streaming. The application allows you to transfer video from your camera directly to the most often used platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, DaCast, Ustream or other streaming services. The advantage is a low price and simple set up – you need only one Axis camera, an internet connection and an unlimited CamStreamer license to configure your stream in just a few clicks.

Display Dynamic Infographics

What if you need add more information to your broadcast? In addition to CamStreamer, a sister application called CamOverlay, can use the camera and add dynamic graphics directly into the live stream. This gives you the ability to show viewers the actual weather or display ads for your products, enriching your video content.